the taco diet

I eat tacos for breakfast every weekday. sometimes I buy them, but usually I just sort of throw together whatever’s in the fridge and hope it tastes good. lucky for me, it usually does! not always though. anyway, I strongly encourage you to make any of these tacos if you feel inspired, and to generally eat as many tacos as possible whenever you want. remember, every taco is a breakfast taco if you eat the taco for breakfast.

monday, july 31, 2017: I did not make these tacos

the tacos

I know it is the same picture from Instagram but what do you want from me jeez
I went to an 8:00am town hall to hassle my CA assemblyman about single payer healthcare, so I didn’t really have time to make breakfast this morning. I mean it is possible I could have squeezed it in if I was determined, but I don’t move super fast in the AM. also the town hall was in sunnyvale, so I knew I could grab breakfast at taqueria latina afterwards. breakfast in this case was one fish taco, which was dope, and two chivo tacos, which were exceptional. they grill the fish, which is not tilapia, and then kinda break it up into lil’ chunkies before it hits the tortilla. it is, I think, an excellent way to serve a fish taco. the chivo honestly I have no idea how is made but I have been fascinated by the concept of bbq pulled goat since I quit eating pork, and there is something powerful speaking to my soul about this meat. gotta learn more

next time?

insanely hell yes there is going to be a next time but I don’t know when. contrary to recent events I am not in sunnyvale all that often. also it is unlikely my order will ever change again so it’s not that exciting sorry. maybe I’ll get some chips if I go back, or not eat them in a parking lot off the hood of my car

the recipe

chris v if you are reading this sorry and also thanks
see this is sort of a weird structure I am gonna have to figure out, because this is mostly a blog about cooking, but also sometimes just about eating? I am a fan of consistent formatting, so I kinda like riding with the style, but also I obvi don’t know the recipes beyond “go to taqueria latina in sunnyvale and give them money.” if you want to do that, here is a picture I stole from yelp so you can see what the place looks like, and also their address is 195 e maude ave, sunnyvale, ca 94085. I find it quite charming that they are on maude ave, btw. like who was this specific maude that became an avenue? I do not know that I have ever met any maudes at all.

friday, july 28th, 2017: weird pasta tacos

the tacos
I knew it would come to this eventually. my arbitrary decision to use leftovers in my tacos whenever possible made the pasta taco unavoidable. and honestly, it could have been a lot worse! I did kind of a fake carbonara thing (fake cuz no pork or really meat at all) and threw in the asparaguts cuz they were about to go bad. probably my eggs ended up closer to scrambled than would have been ideal but I needed things to hold together if they were gonna work as a taco, y’know? also threw in some spinach at the end so it wasn’t completely monochrome. the tomatoes and squash were in the original pasta dish

next time?
less pasta in the taco, for sure, cuz it spilled out everywhere. and more texture, somehow, but I don’t know where that should come from. all I can think of right now is crushed peanuts on top, but frankly that sounds horrible. something to experiment with if I ever do this again. which is possible, if I ever have pasta for dinner again.

the recipe!
please do not take me providing a recipe as a suggestion that you should make these tacos yourself. that is a deeply personal decision, and there is not a wrong choice, not really. but if you do want to, here is how I did it.


leftover pasta (mine had squash and tomatoes and garlic, yours can have w/e)
tortillas, warmed on the burner of your stove
3 eggs
goat milk
goat cheese
baby spinach
olive oil
white wine
salt, pepper, and red chili flakes


  1. boil a pot of water
  2. chop up the asparaguts as you see fit, but probably into like 1 inch chunks
  3. throw said asparaguts into a pan with some olive oil and sauté about 3 minutes, or until you feel satisfied
  4. add a splash of white wine to the pan, and cover so asparaguts can steam. you can use any color of wine you want though, or even sake! live your best life
  5. while the ‘guts are steaming, roughly chop the leftover pasta. you’ll feel a little silly chopping pasta, but it is probably better than accidentally pulling out all of your taco filling cuz the noodles are tangled
  6. combine eggs, cheese, and milk in a metal bowl that can sit on top of your boiling water without touching the boiling water. do not feel like you have to use goat dairy; I impulse bought goat milk at trader joe’s and figured I had to use it for something
  7. when you feel good about how cooked your asparaguts are, add all the ingredients except the chili flakes to the egg mixture, and place on the boiling water pot
  8. we’re doing a double boiler thing!
  9. stir mixture until the eggy mixture begins to coat the noodles and everything seems less goopy. if it’s way too runny, add more eggs. if it is way not runny enough, add more milk
  10. spoon pasta onto tortillas, line with baby spinach, and sprinkle with red chili flakes
  11. figure out some way to add a crunch to this thing, seriously. maybe the ideal is green bell pepper? I have to believe we can solve this problem