Empty Yr Pockets

Now that we are about 1/6 done with 2019 I thought I should start keeping a record of my big project for the year, which is (has been!) trying to read every single last article in my Pocket account. On January 1 I think I had ~575 links in there, but I did not actually write that down because who keeps track of things they do, right? As of this writing I am down to 351.

What I have been doing is saving all my favorite articles in an Airtable base with a cool Zapier automation because I like to pretend to be at all knowledgeable about computers (I am not). And it occurred to me today that I would probably benefit from writing up some of the stuff I am reading because I am putting a lot of words in my head these days and if I don’t get some back out I could very easily run out of room.

Which is to say that writing about what I am reading will likely help me remember a bit better, and also will be more fun to look back on than just a big ass list of stuff that I read, no matter how pretty it looks in Airtable.

So this is a post announcing that I am going to do more posts! In a perfect world I might even develop some sort of format that is replicable and perhaps even engaging, so that when I do return to all this it is fun to read. In the actual, horribly imperfect world this will probably be another short-lived experiment in creativity but at least I am trying. If I keep trying and don’t freak myself out I could start newslettering it too, because god knows no one is going to actually look at a blog on a regular basis. And like, the last one was pretty good for a while there. Couldn’t hurt to do it again.

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