monday, july 31, 2017: I did not make these tacos

the tacos

I know it is the same picture from Instagram but what do you want from me jeez
I went to an 8:00am town hall to hassle my CA assemblyman about single payer healthcare, so I didn’t really have time to make breakfast this morning. I mean it is possible I could have squeezed it in if I was determined, but I don’t move super fast in the AM. also the town hall was in sunnyvale, so I knew I could grab breakfast at taqueria latina afterwards. breakfast in this case was one fish taco, which was dope, and two chivo tacos, which were exceptional. they grill the fish, which is not tilapia, and then kinda break it up into lil’ chunkies before it hits the tortilla. it is, I think, an excellent way to serve a fish taco. the chivo honestly I have no idea how is made but I have been fascinated by the concept of bbq pulled goat since I quit eating pork, and there is something powerful speaking to my soul about this meat. gotta learn more

next time?

insanely hell yes there is going to be a next time but I don’t know when. contrary to recent events I am not in sunnyvale all that often. also it is unlikely my order will ever change again so it’s not that exciting sorry. maybe I’ll get some chips if I go back, or not eat them in a parking lot off the hood of my car

the recipe

chris v if you are reading this sorry and also thanks
see this is sort of a weird structure I am gonna have to figure out, because this is mostly a blog about cooking, but also sometimes just about eating? I am a fan of consistent formatting, so I kinda like riding with the style, but also I obvi don’t know the recipes beyond “go to taqueria latina in sunnyvale and give them money.” if you want to do that, here is a picture I stole from yelp so you can see what the place looks like, and also their address is 195 e maude ave, sunnyvale, ca 94085. I find it quite charming that they are on maude ave, btw. like who was this specific maude that became an avenue? I do not know that I have ever met any maudes at all.

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