thursday, august 3, 2017: cold comfort tacos

the tacos

taco ingredients

cold grilled salmon, artichoke heart, bell pepper, onion and garlic yogurt sauce, fresh fennel

okay these tacos were deadass amazing, just to be clear. I grilled a mess of wild coho salmon last night (following this boss-ass-recipe, from Eater) and like, it was perfect. I am not a particularly skilled cooker of fish, but this… it was tender and sweet, just the right amount of rare, not at all fishy… for real, perfect. which was great last night, but a lil’ challenging today, cuz obviously I couldn’t reheat it or anything. it wouldn’t have been perfect anymore! fortunately cold salmon has a long history at the breakfast tables of my people. I almost did some kind of saut├ęd asparaguts thing, but it didn’t feel right. instead, I made kind of a tzatziki-esque sauce with yogurt, garlic, red onion, and olive oil, seared up a bell pepper that was starting to look sad, and was off to the races. oh also I threw in leftover grilled artichoke heart/stem cuz what else was I gonna do with it? that was made by vaguely following this recipe from Serious Eats but tbh I kinda fucked it up and they were just okay

next time

it's a taco alright!
the fennel I threw on at the end didn’t really add anything, but I think some kinda fresh herb, dill or mint or idk thyme maybe, would do a lot here. Totally meant to add arugula, too even had the bag on the counter, but just plum forgot. could have added a bit more salt to the sauce, too, and having actual cucumbers in there definitely wouldn’t have like, hurt anything. more onion too, actually. I coulda done better work with that sauce. I clearly have some regrets

the recipe

I am eating the heck out of this taco tbh

this is def better than last time. look you can see the fish!


  • leftover grilled salmon
  • about a cup of greek yogurt? could be less, def not more
  • green bell pepper, cut into longish slices
  • fresh fennel (or literally any other herb)
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/3rd or more red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon
  • tortillas
  • salt, pepper, olive oil


  1. follow that salmon recipe up there the night before you wanna have these tacos for breakfast. or I mean you could do em warm and fresh, too, with salmon you just cooked. but yeah the recipe is linked above I am not gonna transcribe it here
  2. combine yogurt, garlic, red onion, and a generous glug of olive oil or two in a small bowl. add the juice of half your lemon, then whisk it all together. add salt and pepper to taste
  3. you could probably throw the lemon zest in there too, if you wanted. I bet that would be good
  4. heat olive oil in a small pan, then lay bell pepper slices, skin side down, in the oil. sprinkle liberally with salt – I don’t need to tell you to use kosher salt, right? that’s a thing everyone does now? – and cook until skin starts to blister, 3-5 minutes
  5. chop up whatever fresh herb you’re using, and quarter your lemons. for garnish
  6. oh I guess I didn’t mention the artichokes up in the ingredients section. I mean you could really leave them out, but I guess if you have half an artichoke stem laying around, quarter it? you can put two pieces in each taco
  7. taste the yogurt sauce to make sure the acids have mellowed out the garlic and onion enough. if they haven’t, wait a couple minutes. if they have, make and eat tacos

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