wednesday, august 2, 2017: nostalgic hangover tacos

the tacos

taco ingredients

scrambled eggs, tortillas, chicken apple sausage, omelette parlor inspired potatoes. avocado not pictured cuz it was uggggly

I had a job interview yesterday for a job that I would really like to get, and may have totally sabotaged myself, and as a result, was a little hungover this morning. and as a result of that I was both nostalgic and wanted greasy food. the potatoes in these tacos are the nostalgia part, an homage to the omelette parlor, a diner in colorado springs where I spent many mornings struggling to remember what it felt like to be a human. the trick is you cook them before you fry them, which isn’t much of a trick, but still does the trick, y’know? they end up like crispy pillows, sort of as if you wrapped kettle chips around a tater tot. the sausage is from whole foods and was a little funky, the eggs have goat milk in em, and the avocado was wretched asl but still tasted okay

next time?

show me yr taco face

I’ll try to figure out how to eat tacos in a way that lets you see what’s in em, promise

these potatoes, while delicious, do not actually make any sense in a taco. they’re just flat out too big, even though these were just lil goldies, not big ol’ OP russets like they shoulda been. the sausage was kind of weird too, which I knew when I bought it but somehow convinced myself to forget. eggs were perfect though. so I guess next time I’ll … do something totally different? or just eat the potatoes as a side

the recipe!

nostalgic hangover tacos

  • sausages
  • 2 eggs
  • some kinda milk
  • potatoes
  • salt and pepper
  • butter and olive oil
  • white wine, maybe?
  • an avocado (ideally in better shape than mine)


  1. bring a pot of water to boil with the potatoes in it, and cook until you can poke em pretty good with a fork but they’re not like, all the way done. the real recipe I think you’re supposed to use russets and bake them, which would theoretically give you a drier, fluffier inside. but who has the time?
  2. while potatoes cook, heat olive oil in a pan over like, 1/3 heat and add sausages
  3. crack the eggs into a bowl and scramble em up. you can totally add milk here, which I did, which I almost always do, but I do not know what it does, really. Kenji probably has an idea ask him
  4. when sausages are browned on both sides but not yet cooked thru, add a large glug of wine, or water if you feel uncomfortable cooking with wine at breakfast, and cover. the booze cooks off so I think it’s harmless fun, but I do not know how your parents raised you or what your relationship is to alcohol. follow your heart, then cook for another 10 minutes or so, feeling free to cut a sausage open if you’re worried they’re not done. you’re choppin em up anyway, they don’t need to be pretty.
  5. once potatoes are mostly but not totally cooked, take em out of the water, let em cool, and then slice em into like 1/4 inch thick rounds
  6. melt a tablespoon of butter, definitely use butter, in a pan with some olive oil, over lets say 1/3 heat again. add potatoes carefully, flat side down, sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper, and cook until they’re cripsy, like maybe 5-7 minutes.
  7. flip the potatoes, and while they’re cooking make scrambled eggs. I am not going to tell you how to make scrambled eggs because I believe in you.
  8. your sausages should be done by now but if they’re not, chop em up and cook the individual pieces real fast. they’ll be even more delicious cuz of the extra caramelization
  9. when the eggs are scrambled and the potato crisp is most ideal, take everything off heat and make tacos
  10. add your favorite hot sauce too, probably. tjs stopped stocking my favorite hot sauce tho so this is just sriracha. if you have a favorite hot sauce that can become my new favorite hot sauce, please lmk

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