You probably did not come here for the landing page, but here we are.

Welcome to Kieffer Cities

The first and only Kieffer-centric site on the web

There are a lot of websites about the yogurt kefir and the Sutherland Kiefer, but this is the only one about me, Kieffer Katz! That’s pretty special maybe.

Anyway if you wanna see some more interesting words and even some pictures, you could check out my portfolio or alternatively some old descriptions of tacos and also recipes for them, if you’re into that. Or you could read some old basketball writing over at tinyletter.

I also make up jokes and post them on here sometimes? Actually I make up a pun of varying quality most days but a lot of them are quite bad and I rarely remember to post them. If you are seeking excellent puns or are otherwise driven by laughs I am not making promises, but it couldn’t hurt to take a peek.